Create Your Brand & Engage Your Tribe

You are your brand!

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Do you have a clear understanding of how your ideal client perceives your company, your product and your service? Do you even know who your ideal client is?

Instead of being all things to all people - WHAT IF you could be who you are, work in your strengths and meet the needs of those who are perfectly suited for you? What if?

Join Michele Williams for a two-day workshop to dissect the process of creating a brand that fits your strengths, style, passion and gifts. Learn to speak the language your idea client wants to hear, that will attract them to you easily. Be clear on the gap between what you have and what your client needs - and practice sales techniques to close the gap, give excellent product and service while leaving your client wanting to work with you again!

You owe it to yourself, your business and your clients to know WHO you are in business. Take the time to fully explore and articulate your individual brilliance.

Here are the courses currently scheduled:

Feb 21-22, 2018              Tryon, NC

Email Michele for more information.

 Class size is limited for maximum learning experience!

If you would like to bring this course to your area, please contact Michele.