Educate with a Plan

The decision to become an educator in your field of expertise should be made with a plan. While impromptu education is great, to make educational offerings a success you need a road map for what you will offer, who will purchase your services, and how to best deliver content for this additional income stream.

Trying new things or creating a "stretch" opportunity can always offer moments of hesitation or uncertainty. However, when pushed beyond our fear the opportunity for success can be monumental! We achieve what we never thought possible.

Working through common challenges, mistakes, and success stories with others creates a bond and a built-in cheering section. We are all created uniquely and may have our own ideas of how education fits into our business model, yet implementing it alone can feel very isolating - and often self doubt creeps in. This is where the Educational Identity Coaching program can fill in the blanks.

In this program you will identify:

  • Who you are as an educator and what you have to offer
  • Which topics you are AWESOME at teaching
  • The identity of your PERFECT student and how to engage them
  • How to create an educational map to maintain a yearning in your students to learn more while keeping you from sabotaging your own ability to sell
  • Which pricing strategies are open to your unique educational offerings
  • A plan to work with other educators, how to grow and how to change direction

his course is self-paced and has six video lessons with pre-work and homework to strengthen your understanding as you create a plan to fit into your specific business model. Don't wait. If you want to add education as an income stream to supplement your other business activities - make sure you do it with a plan.