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Pricing Without Emotion

Pricing is as much art as it is science. Have you ever wondered how to price your custom piece of art, your knowledge, or your experience? How should your pricing change if you are to attract your ideal client, one that would be happy to pay you?

Pricing can be emotional - but it does not have to be. Join us in dissecting the process of pricing, both strategic and tactical.

Class Features:

  • How to determine what you should be charging to meet revenue goals

  • How to charge what you are worth confidently and dissuade the bargain-hunting clients

  • How to increase your current prices without alienating your clientele

You will look at your entire business differently after seeing the micros and macros of pricing. Follow your business numbers all the way through to the tax forms for a full understanding of your business profitability.

This course is not high-level, broad information but concrete examples of how to gain control of your business numbers to create the outcome you desire and deserve.