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000 | Profit is a Choice

Welcome to the first episode with business owner and coach, Michele Williams. Through this podcast it is our hope to share opportunities and ideas to increase your profits, regain ownership of your company and to have fun in your business. 

Why this industry? 

•    Michele has been in the interior design industry since 2000 and understands the ins and outs of each aspect.
•    The interior design industry, as many creative industries has a high tolerance for low pay.
•    Companies that make money enjoy their work more – and that is what we all desire.

What about Profitability?

•    Profits do matter. Always. 
•    Earning a profit is not a one-time event. 
•    As the owner of your company, you own the good, the bad and the ugly. And this includes your profitability (or lack of).

Listen to the Episode

Show Highlights 

We want to gain profit, but we don’t always want to make the hard choices to be profitable. Sometimes, we don’t recognize how our day-to-day choices are reflected with our year-end profitability. We can be people pleasers in the interior design industry, but we need to learn when emotions need to be removed. The passion goes away when we are not profitable. We need to continue to have a business carried out with integrity that brings us joy. 

Questions for Thought… Listen in to hear them all! 

  • What does it mean to be consciously profitable and what can this look like?

  • How do we remain profitable with the changes in the marketplace?

  • How does the communication change with our clients if we are profitable?

  • What impact can we make in the world if we do business well?

  • How do we make profitability happen?

Links and Resources

•    Email me at Michele@scarletthreadconsulting.com
•    Website: www.scarlettreadconsulting.com


•    Instagram: @ScarletthreadATL
•    Facebook: Scarlet Thread Consulting, Michele Broughton Williams
•    Facebook Group: www.ProfitIsAChoice.club