The Path to Profit

If you are a creative entrepreneur you are most likely intimately familiar with the phrase ‘entrepreneurial poverty’ even if you are just now hearing it for the first time.

Why does this happen when you are working in your passion doing a job you love?

Because we’re not being PAID FAIRLY or not MANAGING EXPENSES like we should.

When nothing is left at the end of the day or month or year for you - it is draining. We lose our passion and feel frustrated and depleted.

I designed the 5 Day Profitability Challenge to serve our community of creatives to help us become profitable. What if I told you that …

In 5 days, you’ll...

  • Get real about what you want for and from your business

  • Identify the areas of your business that are not serving you well (and how to change them)

  • Interact with me and a supportive community of creative business owners like you

  • Create a schedule of actions to take toward profitability

AND have a mindset to create the business of your dreams?

It is possible and achievable. Trust me. I do this ALL.THE.TIME and I can help you do it too.

What is included in the 5 Day Profitability Challenge?

  • You will receive a 15 page workbook with guided exercises and action items for each day.

  • You will join in a Facebook Community with others who are on the same journey to profitability and freedom focused on the learning of this ONE week.

  • Each day there will be a private video in the Facebook community at noon Eastern and on Friday a live Q&A video at noon Eastern call with me.

  • You will have access to me through the Facebook group for support as you move forward and kick “worry” in the pants!

  • You will have a different business on Friday than you do on the Monday you begin.

  • You will be on a path to profit!

Your investment in this radical change?

  • Decision to focus ON your business January 21-25, 2019 for 25-30 minutes a day and to try to be on the LIVE call on Friday at 12 pm Eastern.

  • Support others in the Facebook group along the way

  • $47 - yep, that’s all.

Seriously, what is stopping you? Only you.

Remember - confidence and worry can’t exist in the same space - so let’s replace worry with a little confidence and become profitable once and for all.

Are you ready? I am….let’s go!