Implementing new software can be overwhelming.

If you want strategic help in determining how best to use your software, contact Michele.

Project Management

Managing multiple projects at the same time can create a huge mess if your foundational processes and procedures are not in place. 

Here is a mini-checklist of items to consider when implementing project management software:

1. Identify the problem that the software will solve. Create a plan to use the software consistently.

2. Clean up any files that you will be importing. Remember - junk out of one system is junk in another!

3. Create a numbering and naming system that is easy to remember and that fits with how you do business.

4.      Decide who has access to the system and at what level.

5.      Determine the amount of detail you would like to keep.

6.      Plan for the integration with your bookkeeping and accounting software. 

7. Document everything!