Where am I?

Jumping on the topic from last week regarding here and there - let's now look at HERE.  Where are you?  If you think about it, when you go to Google maps or MapQuest or any of the other map systems to get directions, one of the first things it asks is where is your current location. After that you put in your destination.  See, if you don't know where you currently are - then the directions to where you are going may not be correct.

What this also means is that each of us could be at a different starting point - so our directions may be also different to arrive at the exact same destination...and the time it takes could be shorter or longer. 

Most importantly though - is having a full understanding of where we are. On a map it might be a street name, county, town, state, zip code. In our business it might be gross sales, net profit, client turnover rate, etc. As a mom/wife it might be stage of life, season of life, family income, etc.  Regardless of what our destination is - the only way to accurately get there is to know "You are HERE".

Do you know where you currently are in your life and business?  How does that impact your destination - and directions and timing for arriving when you want? 

Michele WilliamsComment