I am tired!

I am tired. Lately I have been traveling a lot and trying to get my work (house and otherwise) scheduled into the 1-2 days a week I am at home. While I love traveling, it most assuredly changes my work schedule, my home schedule and my life schedule.  However, I can get just as tired while being at home.

Remembering back to having very young children, I was tired by lunch. And when they no longer took naps, I am not sure how I made it through the day. You can bet there was some caffeine involved.

Part of maturing is recognizing when we are tired - and taking time to give our body and mind rest. This rest allows us to work at our greatest potential. Telling those we do life with that we are tired is not a weakness - it is a strength. It is knowing our body and knowing when it needs refueling with time and rest.

What makes you tired? Are you willing to be open to those around you and to slow down enough to recharge your battery?  Why or why not?

Michele WilliamsComment