Clearing the clutter

We have lived in our home for 16 years. To say we have accumulated 'stuff' would be an understatement. The past few days I have been cleaning out the clutter that is in our kitchen cabinets. Old cups with no lids - mason jars that are empty - broken straws - stuff!

You know, our minds can get cluttered with 'stuff' as well. I know that when I feel overwhelmed with ideas or thoughts the clutter can be a bit too much for me to see or think clearly about the way before me. This is a great time to journal or to make a list. Dump the information out of your head - to allow you to "see" more clearly.

Clearing my space - both physically and mentally - makes me more relaxed. When I am relaxed, I am able to create and plan with excitement.  How about you?  What is a good way to decrease the clutter in your work space, home and thoughts?

Michele WilliamsComment