I am on a quest....

As a coach, consultant and educator I ask A TON of questions. Talk with anyone I have worked with, and they will tell you that I ask them about many things - and some things they really don't want to consider.

Recently my son told me that he was called "Q" in class by his professor. I thought that was interesting and asked him why. He said the professor had given each student a nickname that represented how they were in class - and his was for "question" since he asks a lot of them. To him, this is natural. It seems like yesterday when every other word he said was "why?"  He was looking to understand his surroundings.

So - I did a little search on the word origin for question and quest. Because aren't we all on a quest to improve our situation - whether it be business, parenting, relationships, health - or whatever?  Both quest and question derive from the Latin word quaerere which means "to ask" or "to seek". The -tion ending is a suffix in Latin which forms abstract nouns from verbs. So - that all means - a question is a noun formed from the word quest - which is defined as a hunt, journey or mission. (Thanks goodness for Language Development and one year of Latin in high school!)

What quest are you on? What questions are you asking to understand your surroundings? Are you afraid of the questions that need to be asked?  If so, why?


Michele WilliamsComment