What if you don't?

My to-do list seems to be a mile long. As soon as one task comes off another is added on. Even with the great organizational skills I work so hard to maintain - the work can just seem to be too much.

I have heard it before - and heard it again last week. What if you don't?  What if you don't do all that is on your list? What if you don't do everything that you think you should?  What will happen?  Seriously, think about it. If no one notices that it did not get done - and it does not impact you or those around you - maybe it did not need to be done now - and maybe not at all. Why are we creating endless tasks lists and chores that keep us from experiencing life and freedom and rest?

Today I am going to look at my list that seems to be daunting - that seems to have me chained to my desk -  and ask the question, "What if I don't?"

Michele WilliamsComment