What lens are you looking through?

camera lens.jpg

Honesty alert:  I am not a photographer...but I work with some!

Over the last couple of days I have checked my Facebook account a few different ways - using IE and Firefox on my computer, from the FB app on my phone, using the FB app and Safari on my Ipad.  Interestingly, even though I am checking moments apart - the information feed is not the same (thanks FB) and the stories before me are somewhat different. Yea, some posts are the same - but all of a sudden, I am seeing things from people that are not showing up in the other feeds.  So - which is the REAL FB feed?  Will the TRUTH please stand up!

The truth is - all of these things are happening (or at least being posted by those wanting us to think they are...wink wink), but the lens (browser) through which we see them varies. If I were a photographer then I would change my lens based on what I wanted the outcome of the picture to be. Do I go for a long shot, panoramic or up close and personal?  The lens matters.

In our lives the lens matters as well. When I am in a situation - which lens am I looking through? One that provides a close up, panoramic, or long shot? How does that affect my response to what I am seeing as truth in the matter?  Should I, before responding, change my lens and look at a situation a different way?  What about putting on a filter of grace and mercy?.....try it....you might like what you see!

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