Are you brave?


Last week I attended a MOPs conference for Mothers' of Preschoolers. Before you think I have really little kids or one on the way - let me put your mind at rest. I am a mentor mom.

The topic of the conference was "Be You Bravely" and it was something we talked about for three days in great depth. First we dug in to being uniquely us. I am Michele, and I am who I was uniquely created to be. I am not you - and you are not me. There is freedom and excitement in that.

We also really unpacked what it meant to be brave. What does bravery look like? Does it mean never having fear?  Absolutely not. Being brave is doing something in spite of the fear that might surround it. Being me bravely, means that I get to be 100% ME even when there is a fear that I might not be just like YOU.

I am taking the challenge - to be me bravely. To totally embrace how I was created in the image of God and to be the best me that I can. I am not going to try to be you (aren't you glad?  because that frees you up to be you!)  Whew.  Glad we got that settled.

What are you going to do to be you bravely?  What does brave look like to you?

Michele WilliamsComment