Where is THERE?

Are we there yet?  Don't you love this question when asked from the backseat of the car on a 14 hour trip?  Recently a group of friends and I went on a long road trip and one of them asked this question, and we all laughed - because we had only been on the road about 30 minutes. As moms we could all relate.

Later during our trip we were lost in a huge convention center and had to look at the kiosk to see where we were. The huge star indicated that we are "here".  Once we located the "there" we wanted to go to and started on our trek across the center (which felt like 3 miles) - all of a sudden we were "there". However, if we had checked the kiosk again - it would have indicated "you are here".  WHAT!?!?!

So, when do we ever really arrive "there"?  This side of heaven we will never arrive at a complete "there". We strive for things, goals, and accomplishments which are all very important, but will in most cases never completely satisfy us. We will always be looking for the next there all the while potentially missing out on the "here".

There are about 5 blog posts surrounding this topic - so for now I will leave you with this set of questions. Where is your there? Are you aware of your here?  Is it necessary to trek to the there in your life?  If so, how will you know when you arrive? What is at the intersection of your here and there?


Michele WilliamsComment