Are you accountable?

If we were being honest, there are times when we would love for others to be accountable for their work or their "fair share"....but we don't often want the same measuring stick applied to us.  Sorry - truth hurts sometimes.

When we are in business alone it can be very easy to set goals (or dreams with a hope to become a goal) and then not follow through. Why is this so easy?  Because we are not writing them down and sharing them with a trusted friend, associate or mentor, and then allowing them to constantly ask us about our forward motion on achieving these goals.

Did you know that when you decide to adopt an idea there is a 25% chance that it will be completed. Or that when you seriously decide to ACT on the idea you can bet on a 50% completion rate. And THEN when you commit to someone else to act on your plan you have a 65% chance of completing.  But - hold on to your hat - when you make a specific accountability appointment with someone who you have made the commitment to for the work to be completed your success rate is 95%.

95% - that is almost like 100% (closer than the other options above).  So, I ask you this. What is on your goal list that you know needs to be done. Write out a clear goal and share it with someone who will hold you accountable - and then do it.  Need an accountability partner - let me know!

Michele WilliamsComment