Thankful in the difficult.

Today is World Diabetes Day. Three years ago, this day would have passed by me without a glance or thought or concern. But not this year. In 2012 I was diagnosed as a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic with no family history. Thanks to an auto-immune onslaught, my pancreas quit functioning. There is no cure - until heaven.  In one day, my world shifted on its axis....and I had the chance to choose my response.

Initially after the shock wore off, I went through a time of mourning. Mourning that I could no longer eat like I had been and remain healthy with no long term effects. Mourning that I could not do anything spontaneously any more without considering all the paraphernalia that had to accompany me. Mourning that even though I love math, it would be my constant thought 24/7 with additional 3 am blood sugar checks to allow for a good morning when I got up.

After the initial shock, mourning and grief.....then what. Then, I chose to look forward to my future. Thankful that I had insulin to regulate my blood sugar. Thankful that I had an endocrinologist who listened to me and helped me. Thankful that I had family and friends who offered to help and to adjust menus so that I could participate. Thankful that I was able to share my journey with others battling diabetes as well as other difficult diseases. Thankful for a working pancreas for 44 years. Thankful for a body to call mine that I was allowed to love and care for. Thankful for yummy low carb meals. Thankful that even though I was caught by surprise, my God was not. He had already made provision for me. Thankful that I had a faith base to stand on and that the foundation of my love for Christ and His love for me was and is solid and secure. Because during the first year, it all felt like shifting sand with my health. Thankful for a continuous glucose monitor which allows me to see how every bite I eat affects my body. Thankful that I know how delicate life is. Thankful in the difficult.

So, today, I consider World Diabetes Day. And I am thankful.

Michele WilliamsComment