Wants vs. Needs

Yep, I am going there.  You see, at this time of year many of us in the interiors industry are so overwhelmed with getting things done for our clients like making that room look terrific for the holidays, creating just the most beautiful baby's room, creating new window treatments that were forgotten to be ordered but just HAVE TO BE in or the holidays will be miserable. Really!?!

While we all make money and keep our businesses going by servicing our clients needs for creative things, somewhere along the line as a culture we have lost the understanding of the difference between the words want and need.  For example, talk to any teenager and they will tell you they NEED a new IPhone.  NEED...not want!  Listen to a little kid who just watched that commercial on TV for some new toy and they have an urgent need that they just realized after the 30 second viewing.

As business owners we can also sometimes confuse our wants and needs. We want something in our business but we neglect to do or purchase the items or services that we really need for success. We ignore the bookkeeper (which we need) so that we can buy more of something else. We ignore the education (which we might need) so that we can purchase something else. We can easily have our wants and needs confused.

As you review your 2014, consider where you want to go in 2015 (and if you dare 2016-2017...I know for some of you that is stretching it - but give it a try!) :-)  Be real with yourself on what you NEED to get you there, not what you might want for a momentary pay off. Separate the needs and wants. The earlier we learn to do this, the more joyful lives we can have and the larger the opportunity to succeed.

Michele WilliamsComment