Just not enough time.

We are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday here where we love to spend it with family and friends - then shop on Friday. Honestly, the Friday shopping has become more of a go out to eat and hang with the girls kind of day. We are not fanatical about it - just don't want to be cooking and cleaning after all the prep for Thursday!

As always happens, I make a list of items that need to be completed before I take a few days off. In my mind there are 48 hours per day - so there is plenty of time to accomplish the items on my list. Reality hits when my watch only goes up to 24 hours. What I tend to forget is that everyone else is off of work and school and they are getting in my well timed way!  If I am not careful, frustration ensues when my plans are diverted.

This year I decided to try something a little different. I made all my plans, then put a few on hold. Yes, you heard me right. I chose to 'save' some of the tasks for when I return even though everything in me wanted to do them prior to the celebration day. After today, I am thankful for the readjusting of my schedule which leads to the readjusting of my attitude. I could never have gotten it all done and crying and gnashing of teeth were waiting around the corner.

How about your schedule...is there anything you can 'save' until after the holiday to remove a little stress this week?  I am so glad that I am showing myself a little grace on getting all this done...now I can relax.

Michele WilliamsComment