All roads/flight plans do not lead to the same place!!

I have never been more sure of the fact that we are not all heading in the same direction and that all roads/flight plans do not lead to the same place as when I was spending time at Atlanta Hartsfield/Jackson airport this week. What a great place for people watching!  You may ask why this hit me so hard. I guess because it was cool outside and I was flying into a colder climate with a threat of snow (and we were just in shorts!!). Knowing I had forgotten my gloves, I was a bit worried about my preparedness for the climate I was entering and began watching how others were dressed.

When really looking, I started seeing people in shorts, t-shirts and summer wear walking alongside people that were dressed for Antarctica (just kidding – Alaska!) It was quite apparent to me that they were either going to different locales or one was going to be sorely disappointed when they reached their final destination. Atlanta has one of the world’s busiest airports – so it is always full and always moving. How could this many people be headed in so many different directions all at the same time?

The real question is where am I headed with my life and business?  Did I plan for where I am going? Am I prepared? Could anything derail me from my intended destination? What about those around me? Are they going where they want to or are they being drug along like the screaming toddler that really wants to take a nap but they need to board a plane? If you are confused or unclear about where you are heading in your life and business – please reach out. I would love to help you plot some coordinates for your future.

Michele WilliamsComment