Same yet different.

In my travels around the country this year - and in my conversations with so many women either in business or raising families - I have found another life truth. We are all the same - even while we are so very different.

Each woman I meet has a story. I heard it mentioned at a meeting this week - it is like walking through the museum of our life when we tell our story. I love that word picture. We all have the room of youth, a room of education, a relationship room, career room, self-expression room, spiritual growth room, etc. However the pictures and memories displayed in our museum are quite different.

Being able to appreciate the story of those around us actually helps us appreciate our own story. Having women share with me what they consider their failures and successes and challenges always has a way of bringing us together to share in commonality and to appreciate the differences.

Take the time to walk through the museum of someone else's life. What pictures do you see? How do you interpret those pictures?  How is their story like yours?  What would you put in each room of your museum?

Michele WilliamsComment