To go swimming you have to leave the shore!

And you have to be ready to get WET!  As we are all contemplating and considering our end of year and the beginning of the next there are perhaps opportunities before us that can seem daunting or challenging. That is a good thing. These opportunities are meant to stretch us and teach us.  These items could be as simple as potty training our 2 year old (not always simple!) to reaching a financial goal in our business to entering a new market altogether. What do these things have in common?  They all require us to participate.

How easy is it to sit on the sidelines of a game (football, basketball, etc.) and to see what is happening (full spectrum - wide angle) and give input on what the next thing to do should be. Or comment on what just went wrong.  The view from in the game is much different - we only focus on what is in front of us and a little around us. We do need people to help us see the whole picture (call me if you need that help). But this coaching does not remove from us the responsibility of participation.

We have to get in the game to actually win. No coach can win for a team where the players are not involved in doing the hard work or getting into the game. We can't learn to swim and actually win a swim meet by sitting on the benches or in the sand. We have to tackle our fear and move into the water.

What challenge is before you in 2015?  Do you have someone who can help you see the BIG picture? Are you ready to leave the shore - for the opportunity to learn to swim?

Michele Williams1 Comment