As I was thinking back over this week I realized how many different things inspired me - and in completely different ways sparking interest in the left and right hemisphere of my brain. I have done multiple tests and realize that I am "left-brained" and "right-brained" - both creative and analytical. So, the things that inspired me this week should not be surprising.

First, I saw the movie Interstellar on Tuesday. WOW - all I could do was come home and start investigating the theory of relativity, wormholes, blackholes, tesseracts, effects of gravity on time -  which after talking to my son led me to the string theory. #MindBlown

Then, as I was preparing to teach a class this week on pricing custom work - I was digging into tax forms, how they interacted and where all the numbers came from, tracing them back to a profit and loss statement, and just kept going.  See - math inspires me. It is logical and steady.

Then I saw pillows my friend Annette made that were actually paintings translated for home decor. Absolutely stunning. No rhyme or reason - but inspirational. Lots of color, flash, cheery-ness in a pillow!  Check out the art at

And yesterday, I was teaching at a home and saw inspirational art in the bathroom (cause you know you need beautiful things in the bathroom too!).  Not only was the picture painted beautifully - but the message was great as well. The art was by Beth Johnson of B Interiors. And if I am honest, it made me want to go home and pick up a paint brush and start painting. Whether I have a talent or not - it has created a need for me to express myself by painting.

B Interiors painting.jpg

I am daily inspired by the women who share their lives with me. They talk about their success, desires, struggles and challenges. They are real and honest and vulnerable. That inspires me to walk beside them, to pray for them, to offer them assistance when I can.

See, that is what inspiration does - it drives you to do things, learn things and create or try things that you otherwise might not have thought or planned to do. Sunsets and sunrises do that to me - looking at what the Creator paints for us every day makes me want to paint. So, don't be surprised if I one day start Scarlet Thread Inspirations and have some things to share!  Now, what inspires you - and how?

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