Someone to dream with...

Have you ever had a dream and wanted to desperately share it with someone....but you needed the right someone? Our dreams and goals can be very personal. They reveal a hidden part of us sometimes and can make us vulnerable. Like a big ball of string - dreams can be wrapped up with anticipation, challenge, fear and uncertainty. That is why finding the right someone to share it with is critical.

I have a very few close to me "dream sharers" (yes I just coined that phrase - feel free to use it!). My husband is my closest friend who I share my dreams, goals and fears with. He holds these things very delicately because sometimes they feel like they could float away with an aggressive breath. My parents, sons and sister are also dream holders for me. They know me - and you know how those closest to us really know us!

There are also a very few close friends who hold my dreams, pray for my dreams and goals, help sharpen them, hold me accountable for them - and just dream with me. I love these women. They encourage me, cry with me, redirect with me - and do life with me. Not all live near me so using technology helps us to stay in touch. I know these women would not crush my dreams (even if my dreams were considered crazy to them) and would encourage me to focus when needed. These women are a blessing.

Who in your life is your dream holder, your dream sharer? Not everyone is equipped to hold your dream or to work with you without be careful who you choose. There are great people who want good things for you - find them!

Michele WilliamsComment