You've got to start somewhere!

If I were being honest (and you know I will be), I have been preparing to write a blog or share a "perspective" on business and life for years now. It always seems that the task seems daunting. I don't have a full month of topics mapped out in advance, not sure my readers are lined up and ready to read the most astounding thoughts ever put on paper (or online), and will my witty, funny, southern charm translate to typed words on a page.

So, I did nothing. Yep. Nothing. (Unless you count writing the word "blog" on my to do list over and over for a year and never marking it off. If that counts then I did something.)

Sound familiar? Maybe it is not a blog you are thinking about starting, but instead a new business process. Maybe it is actually writing business processes, digging into your financials (surely that can't be the case!), creating and executing a new marketing plan, or organizing the kitchen cabinets (yuk) . Whatever it is before you - it might seem huge, large, bigger than life. But, the best place to start is here. Yes, right here where you are. Take a first step. Do something. Anything is better than nothing.

If I can do it - so can you.  Get started!  Move forward...even if it is a baby step. Like starting a blog.