Now What?

I should have named that first post, "Just Do It!"  While it is often overused, Nike was on to something with that slogan. There rarely seems like the "right time" to start - so you just have to do it.

Ok, so you've started that first steps. You just DID it. But now what?

Now, you make a plan. Often I like to think (or dream) about what I want the end product or result to be, then back up and look at the steps to achieve that dream. If larger projects/dreams/goals are broken down into manageable pieces  - and if I make them date sensitive by putting them on my calendar - then I am almost guaranteed to accomplish the task. Why does this work for me?  Because it is a little "bite sized" to-do, it fits into my schedule. Then, I add in the next small to-do to ultimately reach my goal. (I actually do this even with important conversations. I consider what I would like the end result of the difficult conversation to be, then back up and weigh my words to work towards that outcome. If I lose my cool, then I can usually be assured the conversation will go off of the rails and it may not be a win-win at the end.)

Giving myself a reasonable time line to accomplish each item and also understanding that I need to keep moving forward helps me not get frustrated at the hugeness of the goal that seems daunting at the beginning. I cannot tell you how important it is to BLOCK OFF (screaming at myself, trust me) time and to be realistic with how much time something actually takes. We tend to self-sabotage and underestimate tasks all the time because they appear simple... and then we get frustrated...and then we stop forward movement....and then we quit altogether. Sound familiar? Don't get caught in this spiral. Small steps, realistic timeline, GO!

So, what is your next baby step towards your big goal? If you need help with this - reach out.