It ain't easy being green!


Poor Kermit. Being green was not easy for him until he embraced the opportunities it allowed into his life....and celebrated being green!

It is not easy being a business owner, or a mom, or a friend....but there is great reward when we stay the course. Having owned my own business for 15 years, there have been successes, challenges and failures. It has not - and is not - always easy being a business owner. There is always something to learn, change and direct. Rarely is status quo that allows in the possibility of confrontation, fear, uncertainty as well as opportunity, success, stretching and freedom.

It is the same with being a mom. Having two children, I can tell you that they are not the same. No matter how much everyone tells me they look alike, they are individuals and need to be loved, accepted, challenged and disciplined very differently. Being a mom is hard work - but it is worth every amount of effort I put into it (and the same for you!).

So, how do I manage being what I am created and called to be (wife, mom, business owner, friend, daughter...)? I pray a lot and do my best to allow grace to cover where I make mistakes. Fear does not rule my life even if it might rule the moment. Embracing the challenge of whatever position I am in - and looking for good in it is key. Understanding that while it may not be easy (what in this life is really easy?) it is worth it for the outcome I desire (kind kids who love God, a business that I love that brings in an income, a husband who loves me, etc.).

At the end of Kermit's lament he finally realized it was good to be green. Can you say the same thing?

Michele WilliamsComment