I am NOT Superwoman - and I am NOT lazy.

Yes, my secret is out. I do not have a cape, no magic wrist bands or lasso, no cute patriotic ensemble. But neither do I sit home all day and eat bon bons (sounds yummy to me though....dark chocolate.....oh, nevermind)!

When explaining my job/career/work and extra curricular activities to people - especially other women - the comment is usually:  WOW, you must be superwoman.  When my kids walk in the door and see me on the computer - in the same place I was when they left that morning - they think I was sitting home all day and eating chocolate and playing on Facebook.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Since I work from my home, I am able to do a variety of things in a single day. I can wash laundry while talking on the phone for a conference call. I can enjoy the beautiful day when walking my three little dogs (at the most inconvenient times). I can grab that piece of Dove Dark Chocolate when I need a pick me up.  I can take a nap if my body is wearing out late in the afternoon.

Conversely, owning my own gig and working from home is not always wine and roses. I do get distracted with the household chores. I do get the call to bring someone lunch at school who left it on the counter and has to stay late at school for band practice - so I can't have him faint. I do get to run errands in the middle of the day - and then work later into the night so that I can have a flexible schedule. I do get the calls and inquiries to volunteer - SINCE I STAY AT HOME.

So you see, the truth is somewhere in the middle - and I am sure it is the same for you. Some days your checklist is ROCKIN' and other days you would be hard pressed to find something to mark off (hint: when that happens, I find something I did accomplish, write it at the bottom of the list and then mark it off - now you know my secret).

Don't worry about your super hero status or lack thereof. Just do what is important to you and your family - and your business. The rest will take care of itself.  And - show a little love to the other women in your life. They are struggling to put on that cape too - or to take it off!

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