Does it really take a village?

Sounds corny - or like I am trying to add in every cliche' I know in my bloggy beginning.  But often I am asked about how to be successful in business. We are not even going to talk about success and failure at this point - but about the village in the title question.

You see, a one person business owner can't do everything. While we would like to think we can, we just can't. No more than a parent can do everything for a child. We need help. We were created to live and thrive in community - and that is where we will ultimately find our success, whether it is in parenting or in business.

As a mom (or dad), we need help. We need school teachers, Vacation Bible Study teachers, pastors, doctors, dentists, neighbors, babysitters, a carpool group, scout leaders, band directors, and others to provide a well rounded education, health and spiritual wellness, and just plain fun for our kids (not to mention a much needed break for us)!

Business owners need the same. My list looks something like this: accountant, lawyer, marketing specialist, technology guru (hi Hubby!), workroom cleaner uppers (Hi boys!), office help, mentors, industry peers, vendors, bookkeeper, house cleaners, dog walker, package deliverer...and the list goes on.

If I could say anything to "free you up", it is this. You can have it all - but not all at the same time. Give yourself a break and get help to grow your business or to help with your kids. Let others join you in community to move forward. You don't have to do it alone.

What does your village look like?