Is It Too Late?

Recently I was asked, "Is it too late to change what I am doing?"  Short answer:  No!

It is easy to believe the lie that it is too late to change course or direction in our life and business. But, until we die - we have time to make changes to get us on the right path. This is true spiritually, physically, financially, mentally and any other -ally. (couldn't resist)

The thought process that keeps us stuck and unable or unwilling to change is a pride issue or some fear (recognized or unrecognized). If it is pride - it could be something like "oh wow, if I change now people will think I did not know what I was doing..."  If it is fear, it may be "change would be better -but I am scared of what comes next."

Identify the fear or pride keeping you from changing course or direction - as soon as you know the path you are on is destructive (life and business). Deal with it head on - then make the change. You will be happier and more content in the long run.

What is causing your resistance to a change of direction or course? Let me know if you need help identifying it or dealing with it.

Michele WilliamsComment