Let's Celebrate!!!

OH yes...time to celebrate!  Put on the party hat, dance around and celebrate.

What are you celebrating you might ask.  When we are in business for ourselves, often we don't take time to celebrate the day to day successes that we achieve. If we were in a corporate environment those successes might be on display for all to see. You might win a cruise or a bonus.

But, when we are the only one to recognize the hard work from day to day - it is easy to overlook what we have accomplished. This is also true for those moms staying home to raise their kids. It is easy to miss even the smallest accomplishments and not celebrate. Celebrate potty training, celebrate when they can clear their dishes off of the table, celebrate that you raised them to be adults. For the business owner, celebrate the happy client, celebrate the new account, celebrate the job completed.

And what does celebration look like to you?  To me it could be a bite of dark chocolate, a long walk, reading a book, calling a friend, a dinner out.  Take time for you - and to celebrate!

Michele WilliamsComment