Not every great opportunity is for you!

Recently I have been offered several great opportunities. Opportunities that would meet some of my goals and desires. However, each time I had a "hitch in my giddy-up" (southern term) when they were offered. They came to me rather easily - and were quite intriguing. So, you may ask, what was the problem?

The problem, in a nutshell, was this. The goal/dream of the one offering, was not my goal/dream. While these opportunities looked great, would offer awesome financial compensation as well as other benefits - they were not my goal or dream. Taking part in each of them would require me to quit or give up the dream/goal that God has put upon my heart. While the temptation to take them was strong - after spending time reflecting on how I am made and what I have been called to do - the answer became so very clear. Clear not only to me, but to those close to me.

These opportunities ARE great - but they are NOT mine. They belong to someone else. I am so very thankful for being considered and asked to participate  - but this has given me a chance to reflect on my heart, my calling, my dreams and goals. I have a more definite value on my present and my future. My direction is a bit more clear. I ask you - what are you being asked to do or participate in that is not part of your calling/goal/dream - but is in fact  the filling of someone else's? Are you willing to say no to stay on the path you are called to be on?