You are invited!

You are invited!  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  A party.  Let's say you were invited to a planned party (by adults, not kids). What would you expect to be given?  hhhmmm....  Let's see -  I would want date, time, location, dress code, occasion at the least. We would also normally be told if we should bring something to the party (gift, note, food item) so that we could be prepared. When we arrive, we would expect our host/hostess to have PREPARED for our arrival by getting the location ready. This means clean bathrooms, seating, everything we need to have a great time. We would be shocked if we arrived to this PLANNED event to find our host/hostess out of sorts, forgetting that 50 of us are showing up, no food, no planning - craziness everywhere.

So what does this have to do with our business?  When we promote our products and services - we are inviting our potential clients to a party, a chance to work together. As a business owner, are you prepared for the party if everyone accepts your invitation? Do you know who you are (what the party is for)? Do you have the house cleaned (all documents and processes in order)? Do you know how you want them to interact with you at the party and have you told them what to expect (dress code, what to bring)? Is your party going to be a success or a bust?  If you are not good at party planning (AKA Business Planning) - let me know. I love the planning - and also love a great party!

Michele WilliamsComment