Your YES

YES!  It is a small word with potential for huge impact. Imagine these scenarios:

"Mom can I drive the car?"  YES

"Will you marry me?"  YES

"Did we get the house?"  YES

"We are having a baby?"  YES

"I got the job?" YES


Sometimes, however, when running our own business we tend to tell ourselves NO when an opportunity arises - simply out of fear. That four letter word - FEAR. Saying yes may leave us exposed. Saying yes may not be something we can quickly explain to an outsider looking in...but yes may make all the difference.

I have challenged those who work with me to find their YES. Yes to doing business better. Yes to making really tough business decisions to cut or maintain expenses. Yes to a new marketing tactic. Yes to making a salary and profit without guilt. Yes to owning the business instead of it owning them.

Yes does not mean that we just throw caution to the wind and act without thought. Our yes is to be said with an understanding of if being best for us in the current situation and leading us closer to the goals we have set - even if it means breaking through a wall of fear. And yes does not mean we have to do this alone. Creating a group of supporters, cheerleaders, mentors, advisors, team - will always help us to reach the yes in a much better way.

So, what are you saying YES to today....even with fluttering heart and shaking knees?  If you need someone to talk to about your yes - let me know.

Michele WilliamsComment