Get it RIGHT

So, how is it going?  Just asking this question of my clients often results in quite the conversation. See, we have an open relationship - so they know if I ask this, I really mean it....and they answer honestly. When we get into conversation about the business, products, services and clients, we can sometimes find that we are working out of alignment internally as well as externally.

What does that mean? It means simply, the product and services of the business do not clearly align with the customer or with our own business model. This can be due to a multitude of factors: value, price, time, quality, etc.

To check alignment we always want to ensure we have:

  • the RIGHT product/service

  • the RIGHT price/value

  • the RIGHT client

Getting it right for the consumer and right for your business creates a win-win and builds a buying relationship that lasts. Ask yourself where your business may not be in alignment. Address the issue and work with more peace. Trust me - it is worth the effort. Feeling out of alignment yourself?  Email me - let's chat.

Michele WilliamsComment