It's all about the mindset

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." ~Albert Einstein

Last week I heard it put another way - same idea - stated differently. "You cannot create a 5 million dollar company with a 1 million dollar mindset."

That really made me think. Regardless of the amount of revenue your business generates, your thinking has to change and shift to go to the next level. Immediately I started asking myself where was I thinking like a 1M company and needed to think like a 5M company. Here is where I started the search:

  1. Where have I been saying "I will never"

  2. Where have I been saying "I don't want to"

  3. Where have I been saying "I will do it myself"

Just these three questions gave me insight into the ways I could be limiting my potential and the potential of my company. How about you?  Where is your mindset limiting the growth you want to have?  Want to talk about it?  Give me a call.


Michele WilliamsComment