The Dreaded Why?

When I was a little girl and did something that was less than stellar, my parents would ask me, “Why did you do that?”  Often, being little and all, I did not know. But as I grew older – if being honest with myself – I had an idea of why I had made that choice, even if I did not want to articulate the truth behind my action.

Fast forward to my parenting. Over 20 years of raising my sons I have had the opportunity to ask them on countless occasions why they made the choice they did.  Sometimes they were able to answer and many times the answer was simply, “I don’t know!” (you know you hate that answer as much as I do!)


As I started a new business direction in 2013 providing coaching services to women in creative businesses, this question kept coming up over and over.  Why do I do what I do?  Why? Why? Why?  What is it that propels me to get up each morning and go back to this work that I have chosen.  Not been forced into – but actively chosen.  It is easy to say who I work with, explain the mechanics of what I do, but to go deep deep deep into the honest why that compels and propels me towards forward movement on my path. 

My why is this: I do what I do so that women will see who they are in Christ. To understand that each person on this earth was fearfully and wonderfully made. Each of us has a purpose and a plan for our life created by our Creator. We all have gifts and talents and strengths that we can use. And in using the wholeness of how we were created that we can provide for our families and our communities in honest ways without shame or guilt as we make money or work. For each of us to understand that we are loved with a love beyond all imagination by the one who formed us. 

The what and how look like this:  educating and coaching women in all stages of life who work inside the home raising children, those who work outside of the home in corporate, those who are doing some type of hybrid arrangement to work from home in a career while also raising children, and those leaving the workforce altogether. 

Focusing on my WHY has been so rewarding. It helps me to stay clearly focused. It helps me create programs that will meet a need.  It gets me up each morning and soothes my soul and aching voice at the end of a long day of teaching.  It is a gift from God.

A great book to read is “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.  Know your WHY.  Go layers deep until you cannot go any deeper in really understanding why you are on the path you are on.  Then own it.