We all need a little sun to bloom

Yes - we all need a little sun. This weekend we started working in our yard very early. While working in the flower bed I noted to my husband that there were buds on the iris plants - but that they were not yet open.  I was curious about when they would be in full bloom. 

We worked all day in the yard - moving dirt, building beds, cutting limbs - you get the picture. The sun warmed us and warmed the ground. As we were cleaning up to go in for the day we were looking over the yard and the progress that we had made in our 8 hours outside. I noticed this one little iris had bloomed while we worked all day. It made me smile. It was time. The temperature was right, the conditions were favorable - and it bloomed. The others had not yet opened.

Yesterday we went out again - and there were even more flowers blooming. It was their time.  Guess what - that first little iris did not wait on the remaining ones to bloom. It was one day earlier than the rest - and there are still some that have not bloomed and are waiting on their right time.

Big A-HA!  As a business owner - don't wait on others to bloom around you or to give you permission to bloom. Bloom where you are at the time that is right for you. Open to the sun. Use what is around you to thrive. Celebrate those you know who are blooming too - without jealousy. Support those whose time has not yet come. This will make you more beautiful!