Top 3 mistakes in your bio!

Writing a bio is seriously no joke. We all get excited to start - but then feel like we hit a road block in the first five minutes. Here are 3 top mistakes I see quite often in a bio. 

1.  Who you serve is not clearly defined. Shocked??  YOUR bio should be directed at who you serve. They should see themselves in your bio. That is what helps them identify with you. You should have more than one bio that shifts focus a bit based on who you are talking to. Exactly like a resume does. It is constantly being tweaked to reach your audience.

2. What you currently do - the problem you solve - is not clear. Great, so you have experience - doing what? Why do I care?  Please....make me care.  I should be able to read your bio and know exactly what you are putting out into the world. If I get all the way through your bio and think, "that's great but not sure what I am getting by working with you," then you have a problem. Again, I beg you, make me care and help me get excited about how working with you or purchasing from you will rock my world!

3. Too much mumbo jumbo.  Quit already with the technical jargon. I don't get it unless I am in the industry with you. Use words and phrases that everyone understands. Otherwise, people will pass right over you. Use the KISS method - Keep It Simple Sweetie! (I like sweetie better than stupid - so sweetie it is.)

Want help creating your own authentic and personal bio that meets the criteria above?  Check out my new online, self-paced course Build A Better Bio. Come on - you know you want to!

Michele WilliamsComment