Putting YOU back in YOUR business


Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

Funny, I would not have thought that this was a discussion we would ever have with business owners. However, given the current quick and immediate access to education and information  – yep, we need to talk about it.

See, information, education and ideas are everywhere. And most of the time – this is a great thing. We can take the new ideas and information and apply it to our lives and business in a way that propels us forward towards our bigger vision and goals  - with unencumbered growth and a joyful heart without issue - right?

Nope – not how it works. I have been having A LOT – and I mean A LOT of discussions with business owners who are finding themselves more stuck than ever as more information comes into their lives. The very information that is meant to be transformative creates inaction. Why? Because many times the information we receive is from different vantage points and is contradictory to the last bit of information we have heard.  Want to STOP the inaction and instead move forward in a way that is natural for you? Here are my suggestions for putting YOU back in YOUR business.

Tip #1: Be you. Identify what you love, what you want, your strengths, your vision, your WHY. Own it all.  Write it down – on paper – print it out. Read often.

Tip #2: With any new idea – refer to Tip #1. Does it align with you? Does it sound great for you? If not, put it away. There is no idea police coming after you for not implementing a new idea. If it sounds interesting, within your strengths (or your team's strengths), investigate.  We are all unique – what worked for one person or business might not work for every person/business.

Tip #3: Commit. Choose a path and commit to excellence and completion. We have to stop chasing new ideas like the proverbial “squirrel.” We are giving ourselves an attention disorder because we keep changing directions. Find what works for you with ideas/technology/planning – and put your head down, and get it done. Seriously – at some point – turn off the noise of the outside world screaming at you for what you should be doing and can’t get done. Focus on what you know is most important.

If you find yourself stuck – ask for help. Get an advisor, mentor, and/or coach to help you decipher through the noise and create a unique plan of action just for you. Then go do that! Put YOU in your process, in your vision, in your company. Stop trying to be everybody else – because that will shut you down.

Michele and her team are happy to help you find YOU again. Reach out if you are interested.

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