Gratitude and Giving Back

I am so very thankful for all that I have. You are too, I am sure. We are told in scripture to give thanks in all things. Recently I heard the commencement speech by Sheryl Sandberg given at The University California, Berkeley on how gratitude in the face of losing her husband replaced a bit of her grief. Gratitude and giving are a big deal to us and those around us.

Thinking outward and giving back to others can be as beneficial for you as for those you are serving. First, it keeps us from focusing too much on ourselves and our issues/problems/concerns. Giving allows us to focus on those around us, their pain, difficulty, strife. It binds us together.

Giving also helps us forge new relationships with people, groups and companies. It creates broader connections and allows for work to be done on a larger scale than what might be accomplished alone. Being thankful for what we have and recognizing the gifts with which we have been entrusted to take care of ourselves and our community is a great way to start and end the day. Imagine if our day was book-ended in thankfulness to God for all that we have. What change to our own mindset would that kind of thinking provide?

Here is the cool thing – giving can be done on all scales. You may say you don’t have money to give – but you do your normal shopping on Amazon. Try out Amazon Smiles. You can select a charity of your choice to have a percentage of your normal shopping dollars allocated to.  Give of your time to someone – answer a question, go to lunch or coffee, listen to their story. Engage with people IN REAL LIFE if you can – not just through technology. Give someone the gift of really “seeing them”.

If you want to give on a larger scale with profits from your company – that would mean you need to have profits to allocate. Following a Profit First methodology of money management will allow for those dollars to be set aside, saved and then allocated as you wish. If you want help creating a profit account for giving – check out the Passion for Profit course that will walk you through the process.

Start with gratitude – and give. The world will be better off – and so will you.



Michele WilliamsComment