New Notebooks and Freshly Sharpened Pencils

Each year at this time, for the last 17 years, going to get pencils, notebooks, erasers, crayons, glue sticks and any other varied school supply was always a highlight for me. You see – I love school supplies. Meg Ryan is speaking my language in the movie You’ve Got Mail when she talks about the smell of freshly sharpened pencils in the fall. I get her – she gets me.

This year was different. My sons are in college, crayons are not on the list, and they both said they did not need to go back-to-school shopping – they would just grab a few things while at school if they needed them. Ok then…

I am no longer needed to school supply shop – new phase of life. I have done well that they can get their own. But change, while good, is also bittersweet.

Change in our business is the same way. When first starting a business, we may be attending to every little detail – in detail, and with help from others. But as the business grows and changes and matures, it is easier and better sometimes to focus on the bigger picture, larger needs and not be so worried about the little things (graph paper in just the right dimensions anyone? Or that expensive T whatever calculator they will use for one semester?) Once we have systems in place with knowledge of the road we are traveling – we can relax a little and not worry so much.

This month I am focused on Financials – I know, shocker. Going back through the details for myself and with my clients. Teaching them to sharpen their pencils, go back to basics, double check the math and systems so that they can move ahead and focus on the bigger picture again knowing that they have what they need in place for good money management.

If you want to join us this month to take control of your business financials – join in the fun with Passion for Profit. Your bank accounts will thank you.


Michele WilliamsComment