Have You Got Traction?

What does it look like when a business is making forward progress and on the right track? Can you quantify this or is it just a feeling?  Could it be both?

Having traction requires forward motion with a clear destination identified (Vision). It is impossible to have forward motion in one direction if team members are pulling in a multitude of directions. Here are some areas of your business to evaluate to see if you have traction towards your vision:

1.      Is the vision of the company clear and can every team member define it?

2.      Are all team members committed to the vision as stated?  Are they all moving in the same direction?

3.      Does each team member understand how their job and responsibilities fit in to achieving the vision?

4.      Does each person hold themselves and the rest of the team accountable for attaining agreed upon milestones that are tied to the company vision?

5.      Do the internal processes of the company (marketing, financial, staff, etc.) support the vision and team members doing the work?

6.      Are issues identified quickly and a plan put in place to resolve?

Ask yourself these questions about your company – even if you are a one person wonder!  If you are in a group the same considerations apply. If you don’t like the answers you are seeing, reach out to Michele. She can help you craft a plan to move your company forward with a clear vision and a team that works together.

Michele WilliamsComment