Don’t Get Derailed Before You Really Begin!


Ok, so it never fails to happen. Every year – and I mean every year – I work well in advance to create my goals, plans, dreams and success stories for the year. And every year by mid-January something happens to make me feel derailed before I even begin.

For each of us, that derailment could be different but I would guess that it is quite similar. Some of the derailment could come from seeing what others are doing that you are not. Comparison is seriously the thief of joy. Maybe it could be looking at the to-do list that comes with your dreams and aspirations and feeling overwhelmed before you get started.  Or honestly, just a good dose of self-doubt. Wondering to yourself what you were thinking when you made these plans. Were you having a temporary lapse in judgment?

While all of this happens to many of us – and it is quite normal, we don’t have to believe these lies and stay trapped and sad when we were just on a planning high.  Here are three tips to get your groove back before you even really started.

1.      Connect with your WHY. Really really get excited about why you set these goals and what you are doing to meet them. Connect to the outcome, not the work. When it gets tough, and it will, remember the end goal and make sure it has impact and deep meaning for you.

2.      Evaluate and prioritize the to-do list. When we first create these goals, we are so darn excited that we want to do it all now. But the more we think, consider and plan, the more we see we need to do. When looking at the long list of tasks – it gets overwhelming. Break down your plans into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Work on those items that are significant in nature – not just those that are urgent or important. Plan time to relax and have fun (balance people – balance!)

3.      Believe you can. Our success (or lack thereof) begins in our thoughts. Believe you can reach the goals before you – seriously believe you can – and no one can stop you. Quit looking at what others are doing and comparing. Instead, cheer them on their course of discovery and success and hopefully they will do the same for you.

Your journey may be very different from someone else’s. Run your race and let them run theirs. Cheer for others, recognize their successes, model after it where it applies and leave the rest. Share with those around you. Form community. All of this will help you not derail before you begin.

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Michele WilliamsComment