Is Your Business Ready For This Time Of Year?


One of the reasons we look forward to November is, of course, Thanksgiving. This holiday centers on food and sharing an abundance with others, reminding us to be thankful. Originally a celebration of Harvest, the holiday is also a bookmark in the farmer’s almanac, reminding us that we’re standing on the threshold of winter and to prepare for the darker, starker Winter days ahead.

So, November has arrived, and we’re only two months away from year-end. It may not be your fiscal year end, but it certainly marks the passage of another year in which you’re in business. We’re standing on the threshold of a new year’s arrival, and it’s time to take stock.

·         What do you have in abundance?

·         What have you shared with others?

·         What will you do to prepare for darker, starker days ahead?

Let’s take a look at some good measures that will help you make the most of this time period to gain perspective and set some goals.

Gather At The Meeting Table

This November hold a meeting in which you gather and acknowledge your bounty.

1.       What are the good things that occurred in your business in the last eleven months?

2.       What goals have you accomplished?

3.       Of what do you have an abundance – effective skills, knowledge, clients, projects, patience, understanding, profit, etc.?

Take stock of all the great and good things you have done in your business or accomplished for your business.

Also, the Thanksgiving holiday promotes thankfulness and including others, so bring others into the fold and share with those who have affected your work:  any vendors, employees, family, friends, supporters, etc., who have joined you on the path to today’s success. Take any opportunity whether you see them in person or send them thank you cards to tell them reasons for your appreciation.

Celebrate the Harvest of Your Efforts

You’ve been working hard these past 11 months, and it’s time to acknowledge your efforts. Hopefully, you’ve started and will continue to celebrate your efforts moving forward but take time to reflect and celebrate the work thus far.

1.       Compare Year-To-Date Data to create a before-and-after picture of your efforts

2.       Find one success from each month, write these on Post-Its, and put them around your workspace

3.       Give yourself a reward that’s tangible (new gadget) or experiential (yoga retreat) so that you take time to receive it

However you feel comfortable celebrating, devote time to acknowledging and rewarding your efforts.

Preparing For Winter

When Thanksgiving originated, Winter meant uncertain days with no guarantee of survival. No one knew if the snow would strand them indoors for a day, weeks, or months, so many people stock-piled their resources and kept them near.

While your business may not be facing a blizzard, there are always tough times and uncertainty to survive.

·         How will you prepare?

·         What can you do to prepare?

·         Do you have resources enough to stockpile? Which ones?

This is a good time to also take stock of any weaknesses in your business and shore them up. What areas need more attention, or do you need help to get them stronger? Don’t wait until the winds are blowing through the cracks and the snow blocks your door, barring an exit – get your strategy in place today to survive any difficult times that might be ahead.

If you need help celebrating or preparing, please reach out to me. You can also download this Financial Health Checkup to assist you in knowing where to start.

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