A Holiday Tour Of Gratitude


With the end of November in sight, the New Year is almost upon us. However, let’s not be done with Thanksgiving too quickly! Before we say good-bye to the holiday about thankfulness, let’s participate in an exercise of Gratitude. Looking back, in what ways can our celebrations of the holidays help us appreciate our business?

Ringing In The New Year

Remember back to the last day of good ol’ 2017. Did you make resolutions for the new year? Most celebrations of New Years are not complete without the famous (or infamous) list of Resolutions. We come up with one or two or a handful of ideas that we will resolve to accomplish in the new year.

It’s a powerful concept—the idea of a resolve means setting a standard and applying your force of will to meet it. When you do follow your resolve, then you stand proud in your ability to have created the result, to have had the will to do so, and to have followed through. While these are good things, it also means that, conversely, not sticking to your resolution brings feelings of failure and self-doubt, shame that you don’t have the will to accomplish the resolution. However, the only way to truly succeed with a resolution is to have commitment to it in the first place. Anything else is just a wish.

Do you truly want to achieve that goal? In business, in life, you must acknowledge the difference between your wish and your resolve. In what do you really believe and in what way will you accomplish it?  Before you set a resolution or a goal, decide if you’re committed.

Looking back, what were your resolutions and what were your wishes?

What will it take to turn a wish into a resolve?

Three Cheers For The Red White And Blue

Fast forward to the summer, six months later, and it’s the Celebration of Independence, the July 4th holiday. We commemorate the independence of our nation with a flurry of proud moments, from a parade to picnic to fireworks display. At each event, we decorate with the colors of our nation, Red, White, and Blue. At each event, we re-enact the emotions that came from winning a battle for independence: exhilaration, joy, excitement, and wonder.

The beauty of this holiday is the ability to celebrate the meaning of winning independence. There was a battle, hard-fought and dearly won. We know that the years before were arduous, but we focus on the celebration. We don’t ignore the hard times leading up to the moments of independence, but we embrace the victory.

It’s a much smaller scale, but you have also battled for independence as an entrepreneur. Are you recognizing the battles in your business? Are you focusing on the wins or bothered by the scars? You’re a creative talent that fought to become more than just a craft or hobby; you’re an enterprise.

Are you celebrating exhilaration, joy, excitement, and wonder??

Please Pass The Turkey

Now we arrive to November, a month in which we honor the past with Gratitude. We are grateful to the pioneers who ventured here, to those who helped them along the way, and to the heroes who made it all possible.

Before November ends, give yourself some Gratitude. You’re a pioneer, you ventured into uncharted territory, you’ve reached out to others for help along the way, and you have witnessed heroism. Before we say “good-bye” to November, let’s look in the mirror and give thanks.

What will you say to yourself?

Need help with affirmations and gratitude? Reach out.

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