Commit Actions of Gratitude For December


There is more to gratitude than opening yourself to the feelings of thankfulness; there are actions, too. Actions of gratitude vary in scope, but not all of them are large gestures. Often, the smaller ones are more meaningful. The smallest action that expresses your gratitude and makes a big impact is the unsolicited and simple “thank you.”

It doesn’t take much to express your thanks, however, too often, we don’t stop to extend our gratitude or tell others when they are meaningful in our lives. What would it be like to do this?

While it would be nice to make a habit out of this in daily life (and while I urge you to consider and apply this), I certainly want to emphasize the benefits and importance of establishing this as a good business practice: take time to thank others for their impact on your business.

As a business owner, there are some key folks who should be recognized. It goes without saying that should you have employees, they are first on the list! But there are others who may not be so obvious that deserve recognition.

  • Thanking Supporters - Inquiries About Your Business

Giving thanks to those who support you may also seem obvious, but not all forms of support happen overtly. Is there someone who wanted to know more about your work, or who acknowledged your enterprise? That is someone who supports you! Their recognition is legitimacy of your business. All it takes is a moment to say, “Thanks for talking with me about my work!” Remember, gratitude doesn’t have to be grand or showy to be meaningful.

  •  Thanking Kindness – Beyond Business-as-Usual

In the world of business, we often have to sacrifice our emotions when making business decisions—but we’re also not automatons!  Sometimes, genuine emotions crop up in the business world, particularly in the creative industry where so much is subjective and caters to preferences. Honor those who speak kindness or who may have made you feel a little more connected than just “doing business.” It’s okay to thank them with a heart-felt comment like, “I appreciate our ability to work so well together” to honor the connection.

  •  Thanking Generosity – Going Above and Beyond

When we hear the word, “generosity,” monetary value is usually the first association we make—someone was generously giving money. Truly, generosity encompasses much more; we are generous with our time, energy, efforts, etc. If you received a referral, then that person took time to think about you and make the effort to share your contact information; if someone anticipated your needs and operates in an organized manner, then that is someone who is generous with their efforts; and finally, if someone is always on time, that is someone who respects your time. For one or all these types of people, a small “I appreciate your efforts and enjoy working with you” gives some generosity back.

And now, a moment I have been looking forward to since I’ve been thinking about it,

~ Thank you for spending your time with me here! ~

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