Learn To Trust Your Gut


Trusting yourself in business is important. Like – really important. I am not asking you to have belief or trust in something or someone who has not proven themselves, but in YOU. You are the business owner. You know your clients, you know your business, you know your desired outcomes, and you know what it takes to get the job done. Trust that experience and knowledge.

Each day I speak with clients about their business, their family life, friendships, love relationships and more. Even though we are focusing on business principles and practices for the most part the decision making we do always pours over into our personal lives. We are the same people at home and business. And every day I am asked what I would do in their situation. And you know what – it is easy to be an arm chair quarterback and call the shots – but we all know the game is different when you are on the field. My question back to them –and to you - is what do you want to do, what do you think is the right move?

Whether it is saying no to an opportunity or yes to a new hire or no to a software platform or yes to a new service provider – each of us has a gut feeling that is based off of years of experience, knowledge, failure and success. We seriously need to learn to trust that feeling, and try to put words and explanations around it so that we can evaluate. And when we know what we should do and have confidence in our choice – we need to act. The longer we try to create a narrative in our mind that makes sense as opposed to really looking at the truth in the situation, the more we diminish that inner check. We are quieting our own voice. 

Each of us is the expert in our own business. What works for one may or may not work for another. Use your resources (past, present and future) to the best of your ability and move forward. If this confidence is foreign to you, and you need help, check out the Better Business Coaching System. There are many webinars and exercises that help you get back in touch with your thoughts, desires and choices. Enjoy owning your business again!

Michele WilliamsComment