Facing The Fear Of Your Financials


There I am, talking to a highly motivated and enthusiastic creative business owner whose energy was palpable, a bright light shining from her very eyes, who suddenly shut down, light draining away, as though the plug was pulled and the energy zapped out. And I did it – I said the words, “Financial Plan.”

I could see her internal voice: *Zap* “Disconnecting…. Powering down….  Good-bye…“ Instantly deflated, no more enthusiasm.

Why Financials Shut You Down

Herein lies the difficulty for creative business owners:  managing the financials feels like getting tackled by the opposition. The numbers take us away from our creative focus and require a whole different mindset. It’s confusing, uncertain, and difficult, so you feel that “punched in the gut” sensation of being fearful, deflated, and paralyzed.

I get it, and most people feel this way. Numbers force us to stop and look at the business from the management side, require administrative time, and usually scare us silly as an indicator of our success. We don’t often have the business acumen to know the right terms or how they work; we don’t see the picture that they paint or the story that they tell.

So we shut down.

But your reaction to addressing this vital business function serves to define your success. The numbers won’t go away and ignoring them only begets worse circumstances that eventually can’t be ignored.

Feel The Fear And Act Anyways

If we examine the fear, much of it comes from the unknown. Without a business degree or knowledge about finances, maybe you don’t know how to really look at the numbers. Maybe you only focus on the money coming in and going out, in which case you are missing a whole bunch more to the story.

I can show you how the numbers work together to create plans, sustain your business, develop more business, and manage the workload – if you look at them right, they tell the story of your present and future business. Instead of scary, they may be reassuring or even inspiring.

Imagine if you could confront those numbers and feel excited, enthusiastic, and powerful? Instead of dreading your financial reviews, what if you felt a happy sense of anticipation? It can happen.

All you really need to do today is decide that it’s time to think about your finances. It’s okay to feel afraid. Remember, I will help you understand them. And, the first step is easy, and it requires a simple questionnaire to get you started. From there, I’ll work with you to break down the process of understanding your financials so that you can see your story.

It’s time to stop the fear and get ready to take control of your business. Let’s talk more about your Financial Plan – There, I said it again, and instead of shutting down, choose to click here and learn more about Understanding Your Financials. Soon, it will be a conversation that you dive into, not dodge.