How To Control Your Finances So They Don’t Control You


If I told you, “Start driving!”, your first question would be, “To where?!” It sure makes sense to have a direction before you put pedal to the metal.

So then why would someone operate a business without a financial plan? It’s the same thing—how will you know where you’re going if you don’t have a sense of the numbers that will get you there?

The Scary Side Of Finances

The financials are the management side of the business, and so many creatives put energy into the product without much attention to the finances. Often, the financials are just plain scary – these are the numbers that indicate whether the business is a success or failure. Sometimes, there just isn’t a knowledge base about finances to understand the terms or procedures to managing money; it’s confusing and therefore, scary to approach.

Either way, the numbers exist and ignoring them won’t serve you well. Your business must generate money to stay alive, and you better believe that it matters just as much as your production side. Don’t let your fear derail your business!

Get In Control Of Your Business

I have seen many clients discover that the numbers can be their friends and not their enemies. My knowledge about finances and understanding of their role in your business can be shared. Let me give you the power to control your finances!

Once you understand the numbers, much of the fear will dissipate. You can see your future and set your course based on our work today with your current finances; You can make forecasts, predictions, and begin to have a strategy for the future of your business; You can make decisions based on the cash flow and income statement so that you have a clear process to follow -- all by working with the numbers.

There is a clear before and after that comes from taking control of your finances. In the creative world, uncertainty is the nature of the work. However, it is possible to make some concrete and specific actions about your finances even in the face of the unknown. Once you can control those aspects, then you will see your business from a very different vantage point that puts you in a position of power.

Come work with me to reduce any fears about finances and embrace the numbers as your friend, and you will see the difference in your business. Click here to learn how you can start to unravel the mystery of the numbers, end your fears, and take charge of your finances and business.