Success Is The Sum Of Your Actions Today


Your business did not happen overnight. You experienced stages that required many months, or years, of preparation leading up to the point you struck out on your own. Everything you’ve been through has brought you to this point; “we are the sum total of our experiences’”.

Do you remember taking your first steps as a baby? Probably not because this usually occurs between 9 and 12 months, sometimes later. However, the proud parents readily regale listeners with the saga of their child’s first steps, but they are the ones who know the full story; that first step came after many, many trials and error.

Learning to walk is like owning a business. There are skills to learn and it takes time. Walking begins with the body’s early muscle development, a process that primes the leg, thigh, and core muscles to stand. First, we get strong enough to walk by crawling, and then we stand, stumble and fall, walking as the last step of the process. The success came after many stages of trial and error peppered with tenacity and perseverance.

If we apply that to the future, then the result of the actions you take today, tomorrow, and into the future will determine your success. What if you could start today to prepare for future success? What if you could envision the equation in which the sum was your success? Imagine a roadmap exists that shows you the steps to transform today’s business plan into a successful outcome. It’s not just a figment of imagination; it’s something that I have been able to document.

As a business coach, I see this transformation all the time as my clients develop their proverbial wings and fly into the sky, more successful today than they had been yesterday. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen so many clients transform, that I have created a series based on their experiences; it is a product of the total experiences in which I’ve been honored to participate and witness greatness. There’s no magic formula, but there are some very real actions you can take to increase your success.

I’m ready to work with you too and create your success story. Are you ready to take your first steps toward great success? We can start today!

Michele WilliamsComment